Gyms and Trainers

Are you a Gym or Fitness Trainer? Are you looking to target individuals in your community to come directly to you? The Workout Buddies App has the ability to bring its users right to your door. For less than the cost of 1 membership or training session you can put your business directly into the Workout Buddies map. The map pin shows all your business information: Location, Hours, Day use fees and link to your webpage.

Both Gyms and Trainers will have the unique opportunity to pay, to directly market to people in there area. No more paying for marketing that only hits a small percentage of people into fitness. Now with Workout Buddies, Gyms and Trainers can market directly to fitness oriented people in their area.

Now Gyms and Trainers can use Workout Buddies as a tool for their members to go find a buddy in their area with the same fitness interests, goals and capabilities to refer them to your location doubling up your business. Also group fitness classes can use Workout Buddies to fill up open spots.

Take Advantage of the Workout Buddies Network! Register as a Personal Trainer or as a Gym and Start Advertising Today.