Workout Buddies is the hottest new social workout application available for smartphones that connects you with local people with similar fitness interests, goals, and capabilities! It also acts as the perfect tool to find someone to keep you accountable to your New Years resolutions involving health and fitness.

It was created from the desire to make an easy way for any and everyone to connect with someone to workout with. Most people don’t enjoy going to the gym or doing other fitness activities alone and the creators of Workout Buddies are no exception. People are more likely to stick to workout plans when they have someone to keep them accountable and push them through it.

Workout Buddies is the first app of its kind that connects you with fitness-oriented people in your area (by GPS) to do a fitness activities with that you both enjoy. You can use filters to workout with someone of a like body type, gender or similar fitness interests among other options. You are able to join up with other workouts going on in your area posted by other users, group activities included or create your own event.

Workout Buddies is great if you are a Gym or Fitness Trainer and are looking to target individuals in your community to come directly to you. The Workout Buddies App has the ability to bring its users right to your door. For less than the cost of 1 membership or training session you can put your business directly into the Workout Buddies map. The map pin shows all your business information: Location, Hours, Day use fees and link to your webpage. See more details in the Gym/Trainers tab.

Workout Buddies is affiliated with Quest Nutrition, Beachbody LLC as well as Cellucor and will be selling their fitness nutrition products within the app. These products can be used in tandem with any fitness activity to maximize your fitness goals and accelerate results.

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Workout Buddies Team